From Grandma
With Love

From Grandma with Love was created by Bella, a five-year-old with a very vivid imagination. Her Mom, Katia, has been her accomplice since the moment Bella said, “Mamá, I would love for my family, my friends and my teachers to read my story. Is that possible, Mamá?”

When I agreed to the possibilities of publishing her book—our book—I knew that it was going to be the biggest and very best project together of our lives. Seeing her big smile of happiness, the proudness of her work in her face, and the sparkle of her eyes brought us even closer by creating and writing.

From Grandma with Love: a story inspired by her own grandma, family situations and lots of love.

Bella is a five-year-old child. Like any other, she could get into mischief sometimes. She does not want Grandma to be upset about her occasional adventures. Bella wonders, “Grandma, will you love me even when I misbehave?”



Publication Date

August 3, 2021



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From Grandma with Love